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Claim the greatest value from this training by leveraging your experience in a real-world application.

Request a quote for these specific modules:



Blind fire and ricochet management


Low light / Low visibility conditions

Repelling techniques

Primary x Sidearm combined

Our most requested Professional Purposes course, shaped to meet the needs of the modern theater.

Based on solid old school fundamentals, constantly updated with the latest trends, this is the program that many operators already joined and benefited from.

Low Profile VIP Protection

This course carried in a multi-directional facility will improve your shooting skills which are crucial for professional bodyguards.

We will focus on how to simultaneously manage your VIP safety in the event of an assassination attempt and efficiently combat threats in a gunfight situation.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape

Training carried by experienced special forces instructors, dedicated to groups of 10 to 18 participants. 

Includes full interrogation module under medical supervision.

​We carry SERE training in both summer and winter conditions (you can expect the prices for the winter editions to be 20% higher)

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