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B7 Shooting Range Regulations



Shooting Range (Range): Facility located at second floor in ‘building B7’ Citypoint complex located Matuszewska 14 Street, Warsaw; intended for preceding sport, recreational types of training and lectures.


Prowadzący Strzelanie:

Range Safety Officer (RSO) - a person who attended a course in field of preceding shooting, shooting and providing pre-medical aid in departments of Policja, Straży Graniczna, Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne, Służba Więzienna, Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Polski Związek Strzelectwa Sportowego, Liga Obrony Kraju and/or Polski Związek Łowiecki (Police, Border Guard, Internal Security Agency, Central Anticorruption Bureau, Prison Service, Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, Polish Sports Shooting Association, National Defense League and/or Polish Hunting Association).


Chapter 1


Terms of use of the shooting range 


Range Safety Officer:

  1. carries responsibility for the safety of the users of the shooting range and people accompanying them, 

  2. assigns booths to shooters and to accompanying persons - a place of safe stay 

  3. keeps Rejestr Pobytu na Strzelnicy book, which includes the following data: 


  1. name and surname of the shooting range user

  2. the number of Pozwolenie na Broń permit and the name of the authority that issued them, or the address of the user of the shooting range, if user does not have a firearms permit 

  3. a declaration of the user of the shooting range that he / she has read the shooting range regulations and safety regulations, confirmed by his / her own signature. 


 2. At the shooting range it is prohibited to: 

  1. For people accompanying the shooters - to use the shooting range, enter the shooting booths and to have a contact with firearms,

  2. use any firearm without consent of firearm’s owner,

  3. be under the influence; consume alcohol or using intoxicants.


3. On the shooting range, in a visible place, there are: 

  1. Regulamin Strzelnicy - shooting range regulations,

  2. decision on the approval of the shooting range for use, 

  3. shooting range plan with marked: 

a. shooting booths and areas, 

b. sanitary point, 

c. escape routes, 

d. telephone or other communication devices, 

4) list of alarm signals, 

5) information about the possibility and method of contacting the nearest medical aid point. 


6. The ones responsible for damage caused during shooting and causing an accident are: 

  1. the owner or manager of the shooting range, 

  2. Range Safety Officer or firearms instructor, 

  3. or the range user

on the principles layed in separate regulations.


Chapter 2 


Procedures of firearms handling


Outside the shooting range throughout the CityPoint complex, firearms are carried or moved only in holsters in concealment or in boxes or cases.



It is strictly forbidden to take out weapons from holsters, boxes or cases within the area of ​​the entire City Point complex. 


  1. In the area of ​​the shooting range, apart from the shooting booths and areas, the weapon is carried unloaded with open chambers, without slings and covers. Holsters may be used for pistols and revolvers. A different way of carrying a firearm is allowed, if so stipulated in the regulations of the competition. 

  2. Weapons could be taken out only at the shooting booth or area or at the training position only on the command of the RSO or firearms instructor. 

  3. All activities related to the firearms handling are conducted only with the muzzle pointing downrange, paper targets or other dedicated targets on the shooting range. 

  4. Shooting starts only at the command of the RSO. 

  5. The end of shooting is reported to the RSO. 

  6. When shooting is finished, the firearm has to be unloaded and presented to the RSO for inspection, and the shooter may leave the shooting booth with the chamber open.

  7. Shooting and aiming at the shooting range takes place only at designated shooting positions, at the paper targets or other, designated targets.


Chapter 3 

Behavior of people on the shooting range 

  1. The user of the shooting range is obliged to strictly follow the instructions given by the Range Safety Officer. 

  2. It is forbidden to enter downrange without the permission of the  RSO. 

  3. The user of the shooting range, with the exception of a person with a disability, is obliged to comply with the rules on shooting stands. 

  4. Upon the command of "STOP" given by the RSO or another person, shooters will immediately stop shooting.

  5. Animals may be present on the shooting range only in exceptional cases and have to be kept tethered and under the strict supervision of a handler. 

  6. A person who violates the regulations may be removed from the shooting range. 

  7. Children may stay at the shooting range only under the direct supervision of their parents or guardians.


Reception (recepcja) - place of registration, payment and service for shooting range users and others staying on its premises. 

Shooting room (hala strzelań / oś strzelecka) - a properly prepared and secured room with designated shooting positions, inside which it is legal to discharge a firearm. 

Training room (sala treningowa) - a safety area room intended for dryfire training, in which it is strictly forbidden to bring ammunition and loaded firearms. 

Lecture hall (sala wykładowa) - a room intended for lectures, exercises and practical training in the field of folding and unfolding weapons, where it is strictly forbidden to bring ammunition and loaded firearms. 

Lecture and training room (sala wykładowo-treningowa) - a room where, depending on the needs, it is possible to conduct lectures or dryfire training, where it is strictly forbidden to bring ammunition and loaded weapons. 

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